"The problem isn't a fear of failure, a lack of skills, or even a lack of confidence..."

Through a lifetime of bullying, not feeling good enough, and playing small, Davide Di Giorgio learned the real problem we all face today. 

UNcover the solution and join us for an UNprecedented global movement!

Step 1

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Step 2

SHARE the talk with your family and friends

OK: "SHARING" the talk from the TED page or YouTube to Facebook is only step 1. Invite people personally so by the teim they see your poste, they've already watched the talk, and will interact on your post.

BEST: TEXT and INVITE your loved ones, young people, and anyone who works with young people to watch the talk.

Share the talk with youth groups, schools, and any organization that is involved with anti-bullying or LGBT equality.



*** For teachers, we have created a special TEDEd version of the talk that includes questions and activities based on the talk at TEDEd.123CELEBRATE.com

Step 3

Join the unMOMtourage!

A final note:

Suicide rates have tripled in 10 - 14 years olds, and are up 76 percent in older teens.

Thank you for being UNapologetic YOU and for helping us to save young lives!


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